A peak behind the design curtain?

  • by Ed Cruikshank

Hi there,

It’s Cody here, designer here at Firebrand.

I hope everyone is safe and warm and feeling optimistic about the road ahead.

I wanted to start this Blog with a look into what we get up to behind the scenes with a new product we are developing called ‘Shongs’!

Our most requested product over the years has undoubtably been a shovel. We have been thinking about designing one for a while. As industrial designers, we couldn't just do another shovel so we looked at the pain points and opportunities to design something innovative - another beautifully-useful, dual purpose fire tool that would sit happlily alongside our Infernorator.

Let me take you through the design process and features of this design...

What if a shovel and tongs had a baby? Was basically the brief! Could we make a single product perform both functions really well and look good? 

Let's get the obvious thing out of the way, the teeth. Yes those are canine teeth with fangs. There is no better inspiration than the millions of years of evolutionary iteration, so we often use biomimicry throughout our designs to give the product real character. 

Also no coincidence that the prong looks suspiciously scorpion-like. This retractable extension allows the versatility of fire tongs with three strong points of contact for the most sturdy grip on the burning logs.   

The knurled brass bolt secures this piece in any position while the tab on the prong keeps your fingers ash free. Did we need to make this a beautifully engineered knurled bolt rather than a dainty push pin buttons like on your tent poles? Absolutely!

The substantial 3mm thick stainless steel shovel has a honed leading edge like a knife, to pick up those pesky little pieces most dustpans push around.

Welded to this sturdy scoop is our signature Firebrand 316 marine stainless steel tube with retention rings to secure the saddle leather handle which also functions as the hinge wrapping seamlessly around in one elegant curve.

The ‘Shongs’ will hang alongside the Infernorator to create a new improved Flare Set that we will launch in 2022.      

It's always been our mission to create beautifully useful products that last generations, creating moments for meaningful human connection.

Sitting around a glowing fire telling stories is so much of who we are and the importance of these moments has been made even more apparent by the distance created by the recent social restrictions. 

We would love to hear any ideas, struggles or opportunities you have come across with fire shovels, and I look forward to bringing you all along with us as we develop the design.

Thank you