INFERNORATOR Fire Poker - Black & Tan

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Our Blow through Fire poker has become an Iconic tool seen nestling next to fireplaces throughout Queenstown. Known for its innovative bellows feature where you blow through the mouthpiece to stoke the fire, this leather and stainless steel poker is the ultimate tool for any wood burning fire.

Some say the devil’s in the details and when it comes to teasing the flame out of your carefully built fire on a cold winter’s morning, you need to know those details have been taken care of. The Infernorator is our original fireside tool - a stoker, poker and blower designed to breath life into the heart of your hearth.

For our black finish we use the highest quality PVD (particle vapour deposition) coating. This coating is harder, has superior corrosive and abrasive resistance and is more environmentally friendly than electroplating.

It's the best coating in existence.

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