Firebrand New Zealand


Making fire is in your blood. It’s primeval. The act of warming your soul with good friends and tall stories is a ritual which deserves only the finest tools.

The Firebrand range of stoking equipment has been painstakingly designed by one of New Zealand’s leading furniture designers with a singular aim: to turn your embers into an inferno.


Firebrand NZ's tools are all handmade, beautifully crafted from 316 Stainless Steel and Argentinian Saddle Leather. 

A thoughtful and minimalist design perfected over 12 years, made to last generations, indoors or outside. The Fire Poker and Blower we call the Infernorator, and fire tongs we call Viper Tongs have been tested in Queenstown's alpine outdoor fireplaces for over a decade. 

Our luxury fire tools are designed New Zealand.