The Infernorator is the original blow-through fireplace poker. An innovative design that is equally useful and beautiful. It's a striking addition that will stoke the embers of any fire.



An ingenious fire pit that packs flat, adapts to your needs, and brings the heat to any outdoor experience. Perfect for camping, backyard BBQs, or simply enjoying a pint on a chilly evening with friends.


Flare Set

The Infernorator fireplace poker and Viper tong set is the perfect combination of elegance and functionality. This stunning set keeps your fireplace tools tidy and ready to go when you need to fan the flames.

  • “This is the best gift. I think I’ve bought one for all my mates” 

    Jay, Wanaka

  • “I thought it was an unnecessary tool until I used it - now it’s a must”

    Robert, Queenstown

  • “I loved the presentation but the quality of the Infernorator itself is incredible”

    Alice, Dunedin

  • “It’s a superb piece of engineering and craftsmanship"

    David, Auckland

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