Premium firetool maker and creator from Queenstown, New Zealand Jump in and explore the world of fire!

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The Infernorator is the original breakthrough poker and blower fire tool. Nothing like the classic.



Born from the ashes, a brand new Firebrand firepit for the complete experience

The Crucible


The infernorator and tong set, if you’re serious about keeping your flames in order this stunning set keeps your fire tools tidy and ready to go when you need them.

Flare Set


Our Spark

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Striking and highly functional firetools

Designed, tested and proven in Queenstown's alpine environment. The Infernorator Poker & Blower and the Crucible Fire Pit & Barbeque.

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Here's what our friends have to say

“This is the best gift - I think I’ve bought one for all my mates - it’s cost me a bloody fortune!” 

Jay - Wanaka

“I though it was an unnecessary tool until I used it - now it’s a must”

Robert - Queenstown

“I loved the presentation but the quality of the Infernorator itself is incredible”

Alice - Dunedin

“Thanks so much for making Grandads birthday super-cool. He loves fires but he is very old, now he can light it without bending down”.

Will and Michael - Waikato

“It’s a superb piece of engineering and craftsmanship - I can’t believe nobody stocks these in England?”

David - London


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