Introducing the Crucible

Sparks Will Fly

Making fire is in your blood. It’s primeval. The act of warming your soul with good friends  and tall stories is a ritual which deserves only the finest tools.

The Firebrand range of stoking equipment has been painstakingly designed by one of New Zealand’s leading furniture designers with a singular aim: to turn your embers into an inferno.

Fire. Proof

A thoughtful and minimalist design perfected over 12 years, made to last generations, indoors or outside.

The Fire Poker and Blower we call the Infernorator, and fire tongs we call Viper Tongs have been tested in Queenstown's alpine outdoor fireplaces for over a decade. 

Our luxury fire tools are designed in New Zealand.

"Makes tending the fire convenient, clean and enjoyable."

Julie Hendriks

"Beautiful and functional fire tools." 

Carla Molyneaux

"thoughtful and inventive." 

Mark Tucker

"I love having a real fire, the infernorator makes that so much easier."

Jaimie Putt

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Stoking Conversation

Open fires have a wonderous way of connecting us with others and ourselves. The dancing flame, radiant heat and soothing sounds make us feel grounded and safe.

Our senses are captivated and we are held in the moment as we have been for thousands of years. Gathering around a fire reminds us of the richness of spending time with the people we love and of simply being.

We are based in Queenstown New Zealand where we strive to design objects that create this experience then radiate it out to the world.