All You Need To Know About Caring For Your Crucible Outdoor Fire Pit

All You Need To Know About Caring For Your Crucible Outdoor Fire Pit

How to care for your Crucible Fire Pit

From the moment you start enjoying BBQs in your Crucible Outdoor Fire Pit from Firebrand, you will want to know the best cleaning and maintenance tips to extend the life of your portable fire pit. So, let’s get started.

What do I need?

These items are useful to keep on hand for each clean:

  • Dish soap liquid
  • Firm brush
  • Old towel or rag
  • Bucket of water
  • Gloves
  • Spade to remove any ash or debris
  • Heat-resistant container (preferably a steel bucket). Even if the ash has cooled, never dispose of it in a plastic or cardboard container.

When should I clean my BBQ fire pit?

Without regular and proper cleaning, you run the risk of accumulating abrasive ash, so always clean your fire pit after each use since. It is important to wait until the wood ash has completely cooled down before you start cleaning.

How to clean your Corten steel fire pit

If you notice rust has formed, remember it is part of the Corten steel chemistry that has reacted to exposure to the elements, but this protects the fire pit’s inner layer. Remove any ash or debris using a spade and then scrub the interior and exterior with soapy hot water. Once done, use a dry cloth to wipe it down. You can keep your BBQ fire pit outside as the weathering steel can withstand the outdoor elements or you can optionally store it indoors. . Remember that the outdoor fire pit must be completely cool before removing any ash.

What should I do with the ash?

Once the wood ash has completely cooled, it can be used in and around the home.

  • Sprinkle small amounts on areas where slugs and snails are a problem to keep them away from your plants.
  • Wood ash is more water soluble than limestone, so it can be utilised to balance out the pH of your lawn's soil.
  • Magnesium, phosphorus, and sodium are found in lesser concentrations in wood ash. Some plants will benefit from these nutrients but first make sure you know what your plants and soil require.
  • Wood ash mixed with a little water makes a mild abrasive to buff tarnished metals, clean glass, and even dissolve adhesives and sticky residue.

What must I avoid doing with my portable fire pit?

There are a few things you can avoid to prevent any unwanted damage:

  • Burning plastic in your fire pit will cause it to melt, making it harder to remove. Besides, burning plastic emits harmful fumes and is not welcome company around a warm, leisurely fire.
  • Avoid using lighter fluid since it can ruin the finish on your outdoor fire pit over time and it is also a recognised cause of many home accidents.
  • Do not use water to douse the flames. When the night is over, you can close all of the leaves and use the included grill plate as a spark guard so you can sleep peacefully knowing the fire will safely burn down to a fine ash.
Maintaining and caring for your fire pit will ensure its longevity and provide you with years of delight and memories.
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