How To Use Your Outdoor Fire Pit Grill Plate As A Spark Guard

How To Use Your Outdoor Fire Pit Grill Plate As A Spark Guard

Using Your Fire Pit Grill Plate as a Spark Guard

Firebrand’s Crucible BBQ Fire Pit blends the alluring warmth with the fun of outdoor grilling, making it an excellent complement to any outdoor environment. It's the ideal centrepiece for campers, BBQ cooks, and other outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy a good fire.

The portable fire pit comes with a 300mm diameter carbon steel grill plate to enjoy endless hours of meaty feasts. Carbon steel is a lighter alternative to traditional cast iron steel that adds to the product's durability for years of camp fire pleasure. Carbon steel is ideal for grilling and cooking over an open flame as it warms up fairly quickly to distribute heat, prevent hot spots on the cooking surface, as well as prevent warping.

Simple Wood Fire Pit Safety

Spark guards help protect the surrounding area from flying sparks or embers. A fire pit gives you the best relaxing experience, but they should always be handled with care to avoid any accidents. Firebrand understands this, which is why we came up with a simple yet effective solution to this common fire pit safety concern.

Unlike a traditional spark guard, the Crucible outdoor fire pit grill plate was designed to give you peace of mind while leaving your fire to die off after a night of fun and flames. All you need to do is fold up the BBQ fire pit leaves and place the grill plate on top as a cover. Carbon steel gets hot, so always take care to use an oven mitt when handling the plate.

The grill plate is sturdy, so it will not blow away or fall off the backyard fire pit ensuring any embers are prevented from escaping, keeping loose ash and sparks contained for maximum safety.

Cleaning the Grill Plate

When you are ready to clean up the next day, make sure the grill plate has cooled before removing it and then unfold the BBQ fire pit leaves to scoop out the ashes.

Hand-clean the carbon steel plate with warm water and a dash of washing up liquid. You can also use a non-scratch pad if necessary to loosen any bits stuck to the grill. Use a lint-free cloth to dry and then evenly distribute a thin layer of cooking oil over the grill plate to prevent any wear, tear, and rust.

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