The Fish+Game Cookbook by Angelo Georgalli

The Fish+Game Cookbook by Angelo Georgalli

Glasgow-born Angelo Georgalli is a celebrity chef, restauranteur and author of Angelos’s Wild Kitchen and The Fish + Game Cookbook. He draws on his deep Mediterranean roots and passion for game hunting, fishing, and archery to bring wholesome, organic recipes that will have you falling hook, line and sinker for wild game cooking.

The Fish+Game Cookbook is a totem of nostalgia crafted with inspirational recipes. Wistful in a way that only the combination of food, words, and images can be, this charming collection of recipes unfolds into an anthology of adventurous stories.

Angelo shows how cooking on the BBQ brings out the greatest flavour and texture in the fish. It's also quick, because the fish fillets are only grilled for a few minutes on each side over high heat. He shares a slew of ingenious techniques and tasty recipies for grilling great fish that deliver melt-in-your-mouth flakes with a gorgeous smoky flavour and flawlessly crisp skin.

When you bring home the spoils of a good hunt after a hard endeavour, you wouldn't want to settle for anything less than the best cooking method? Grilling wild game meat brings out the inherent tastes and softness of the meat. Angelo brilliantly illustrates how to maximize the the unique flavours and attributes that game meat offers.

So, next time you’re lighting the coals in your Firebrand Crucible fire pit with fish or game on the menu, make sure to whip out The Fish+Game Cookbook to impress the socks off your guests. 

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