Fire is at the core of human experience. It has existed for billions of years yet humans only began to control fire some 600,000 years ago. It marked a turning point in our cultural evolution providing warmth, light, protection, a method for cooking food. Fire extending the length of the day itself and so had a profound impact on community while also enabled us to venture alone into the dark, cold places where fear of the unknown had previously kept us away. 

We gather around fire. It comforts us and makes a home of even bleak and remote places yet it also has a darker side that reminds us of the ever-present primeval worlds where oceans of lava swirl hundreds of miles beneath our feet as countless suns above us burn with energy beyond our imagination.

Gazing into a fire connects us with our prehistoric selves and with every other human being regardless of culture, language, politics or religion.

FIREBRAND celebrates connection with ourselves and others, bringing people together to share stories, music, food and life itself around the warmth and mystery of fire.